Ana Williams: Earrings & Upcycled Fashion

Ana Williams is a Melbourne based label offering high-quality garments with unique fabric prints. Ana Williams states: " I have a passion for surface pattern design.  It all begins with a simple line drawing, motif, sketch or photo, and it ends as a unique piece of clothing or accessory, entirely designed and handmade in my makers' studio. I do not follow fashion trends but am influenced by contemporary Japanese style clothing - simple lines, loose fit and multiple ways of wearing.  The main focus of Ana Williams is to offer an alternative to fast fashion in the form of high-quality garments with unique prints, all locally made. "  

Zero waste

Food Without Borders

In 2014, Food Without Borders was the second non-profit organization in Australia to provide food rescued to the local community. 


Fair Trade 

Living Koko: Chocolates

We want to empower our communities here and in the Pacific Islands through fair, ethical trade and bring the best cacao in the world to you. We want to support ecologically sound and sustainable methods of farming. We want to create opportunities for the Pacific Island domestic plot farming communities. We believe in food sovereignty. Everyone has the right to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems.

Pali Baskets: Handmade Baskets

Pali was born in a remote village in Myanmar. In awe of the Burmese people and their traditional weaving methods that have been passed down through generations, our collaboration began. Maggie and Cass are a mother-daughter team based in Melbourne, Australia and have since been working closely with our local guide and interpreter, who have enabled us to interact and trade directly with the villagers and bring their craft to the world.